How to Chose your Free Web Host Provider

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How to Chose your Free Web Host Provider

With over 30 million webmasters worldwide, it is only natural that you may feel the need to create your very own website. Owing to its vast popular

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With over 30 million webmasters worldwide, it is only natural that you may feel the need to create your very own website.

Owing to its vast popularity, owning virtual real estate in the cyber world is a rather inexpensive and straightforward process. However, if you are looking to open a website on an experimental basis or just to broadcast your personal ideas or share family photos, then something as inexpensive as $40 a year may seem like an unjustified investment. If you are looking to make money for miscellaneous expenses, you might want to consider playing some fun แทงบอล online.

Free web hosting is a great alternative for hobbyist webmasters. However, while choosing a free web host, it is important to ascertain whether a certain company’s offerings will meet your requirements. The following is a look at the most popular features provided by a free website host.


1) Disk Space:

Depending on the size of their website you should give due consideration to the disk space provided by your host. There are a large number of pretty decent free Web site hosts which provide minimal amount of these disk space to the order of 100 or even 50 MB. The fear merely trying to showcase your family photos then this should suffice. However if you’re looking to set up a block then you’d soon discovered that you are running out of space and under such condition it is advised that you get a free Web host with a relatively large disk space somewhere around 1 GB or more.

2) Band Width:

Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of page views you can receive for a month. It is very important to choose a website host with a large bandwidth to ensure that you are technically capable of getting a large volume of traffic to your Web site. It is best advised that you go for a free website host that offers bandwidth in excess of 1 GB per month unless of course yours is a very personal site which will be visited by only a handful of people.

3) FTP Access:

It is a slightly rare feature with free web site hosts, however you should not have too much trouble finding a webhost that provides FTP access. Some inferior free web site hosts might provide Java uploader or some Ajax-based uploaders, and although they work fine when the number and size of files uploaded are less, but when you’re trying to upload a large number of files (such as some WordPress plug-ins) you will find those uploaders are painfully inadequate. Under such conditions what you need is an FTP host for easy uploading of data and files to your disk. Under all circumstances, you are best advised to choose the website host that provides at least one FTP address per account.

4) File Size Limit:

This is a common catch with a large number of free web host providers. A large number of otherwise decent host providers offer rather insufficient maximum file size limits such as 1MB or even less. Make sure you never fall into this trap and ensured that your Web host provider allows an adequate file size limit, if any.

Two other rather rare features provided by only a handful of free web hosting companies are PHP cURL and fsockopen enabled. Under ordinary conditions, you will rarely require these features. However, in case you’re looking for something out of the ordinary (such as using some autoblogging plug-ins, etc.) then these features become vitally important.

It’s important to avoid read the fine print as some web host providers ensnare newbies, and force them to purchase premium services or, in other cases, the advertised price may be a temporary introductory price. It is best to compare the services are various web host providers as you attempt to decide which is best-suited to your site.

Following is a list of some web host providers which might be worthy of consideration:

  • 110mbhosting