How to Guide – a Quick Route to E Commerce with Paypal


How to Guide – a Quick Route to E Commerce with Paypal

It used to be that bringing up an E commerce web site was both difficult and expensive to accomplish. With today's programming tools and website build

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It used to be that bringing up an E commerce web site was both difficult and expensive to accomplish. With today’s programming tools and website building software, a bricks and mortar business as well as a beginner to the online world of commerce is leaving money on the table, if they don’t have an ecommerce web site up and running. Just have a look at the up and coming brand whose online store is really well done.

Flat HTML (Basic) Website with E Commerce

Virtually anyone with some basic internet knowledge and a little HTML knowledge can set up an ecommerce site within a few hours. The whole process is very simplified. Assuming that an entrepreneur already has a web site and wishes to sell a few products on the site, the first thing to do is go to Paypal and open a commercial account and get it verified so that the payments can be received. The process will take about 2-3 days, but the best part about it, is that it’s free. Another advantage is that virtually anyone with basic computer skills can setup Pay pal.

With Paypal one also have debit or credit card issued which gives the account holder instant availability of funds as soon as a payment or sale has been received. Of course, if one uses either a business or personal checking account, it is important to link that account to one’s Paypal account. In any event, the debit card has all of the privileges associated with a Master Card or Visa.

Selling a Product and Accepting Payments

When a website owner accepts payments with Paypal, there are numerous ways that products can be listed:

  1. A single product
  2. Multiple Products
  3. Products with different features, such as colors or sizes
  4. A combination of both

Further if there are any issues with Paypal in terms of setup, Paypal has simplified the process. The products may be differentiated by part numbers, features, colors or any characteristic that makes business sense to the website owner. Paypal makes it very simple to set up products and categories, if desired.


A web site owner can accept debit cards, credit cards, checks and of course, Paypal accounts. The buyer never needs to have a Paypal account.When payments are accepted, the website owner has instant availability of the funds and if desired, a Paypal credit or debit card can be used for purchases. One of the key advantages is that by using Paypal in this mode, there are no accounts receivable issues, at all. A side issue that plays out as a real advantage is that now, many merchants are using Pay Pal as a payment method, as well, allowing for a relatively smooth sales and purchasing process. And if you wish to earn more money playing เว็บบอล is a good option for you.

Record Keeping and Transaction Recording

While it is possible to have a direct online link or integration using any of several different accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, etc, this typically would entail a separate piece of software. This would allow the online transactions to be automatically downloaded at some point to update the off line accounting system of the website owner. This may be expensive or too complex for those who would prefer to “do it yourself”. In any event, of the number of online transactions are less than 50 or 60 on any day, it can be manually reentered with relatively minor effort.

Obviously, as business and transaction volumes increase, it would then behoove a web site owner to elect to have the accounting system integrated with the online Paypal transactions. This of course, depends upon the availability of funds to pay for technical modifications that would need to be undertaken to write the integration.

All in all, for the small business person, jumping into e Commerce by using Paypal as the online transaction engine has been simplified. The opportunity to quickly go live and accept credit cards online can be easily accomplished in one day. It’s an opportunity for the bricks and mortar business as well as for neophyte online business entrepreneur